Daily Beast: Steve Bannon – Electing Roy Moore Isn’t Politics, It’s War

Steve Bannon at rally for Judge Roy Moore in Alabama
Breitbart News/YouTube

After delivering a high energy speech on Tuesday at a rally to support Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, the Daily Beast reported on Thursday that former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon will be accompanying Moore in the final days leading up to the high-stakes election on December 12.

Ronald Radosh reports:

It’s been announced that Steve Bannon will accompany Roy Moore in the final days of his campaign for the Alabama Senate seat.

Bannon believes Moore’s victory is important to his effort to transform the GOP into a populist-nationalist party and he plans to back other like-minded candidates against establishment Republican candidates in future primaries and elections. President Trump has backed Bannon’s strategy vis-à-vis Moore, to the extent that he said Moore denies the allegations made against him by numerous women, as if Moore’s denial proves the testimony against him false, finally even endorsing Moore via tweet Monday morning.

Bannon has extolled Moore as a prototype of the kind of populist and nationalist figure he wants to represent Americans in both houses of Congress. On Tuesday night, Bannon spoke alongside Moore at a rally in Southern Alabama. He made his fight against the GOP “establishment” quite clear by going full blast against Mitt Romney, chastising him for doing Mormon religious service rather than fighting in Vietnam. “You hid behind your religion,” Bannon said. “Do not talk to me about honor and integrity.” As Matt Lewis wrote on these pages, his words mark the “continuation of the degradation of the party of Lincoln and Reagan.”

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