Alabama Senate Poll: Roy Moore Holds 5-Point Lead Over Doug Jones

Roy Moore, Doug Jones Associated Press

Republican candidate Judge Roy Moore maintains a five-point lead over his Democratic rival Doug Jones days before Tuesday’s United States Senate special election in Alabama, the latest poll from The Trafalgar Group has found.

The poll, which was carried out on 6th-7th December, found that out of the 1419 respondents, 47.63 percent said they would vote for Roy Moore, while his challenger Doug Jones trailed on 40.46 percent.

Meanwhile, 5.31 percent of those surveyed said they were leaning towards Jones, and 3.25 percent said they were leaning towards Moore, while 3.35 percent said they would vote for somebody else.

The overall data reveals that 50.88 percent are likely to vote for Moore, while just 45.77 percent are likely to support Jones, meaning that Moore carries an estimated five-point lead heading into Tuesday’s election.

This latest data appears to suggest that the bitterly contested race is moving in Moore’s direction after a series of recent polls found he holds comfortable leads over his Democratic opponent.

According to a RealClearPolitics average, Moore holds an average lead over Jones of 3.8 percent, with the only poll that he is trailing being from The Washington Post, which has led a campaign to discredit Moore based on decades-old allegations of sexual predation.

However, a recent poll by CBS News found that a majority of Alabama Republicans believe that the allegations against Judge Roy Moore are untrue, and instead represent a plan by the mainstream media to thwart his candidacy.

Should Moore win on Tuesday, it will represent another victory for the populist nationalist movement over the political establishment, with many Republicans refusing to support Moore or even deciding to endorse his opponent.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump reiterated his support for Moore, pointing out that the country does not need another “Pelosi/Schumer Liberal Democrat.”

“A big contingent of very enthusiastic Roy Moore fans at the rally last night,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “We can’t have a Pelosi/Schumer Liberal Democrat, Jones, in that important Alabama Senate seat. Need your vote to Make America Great Again! Jones will always vote against what we must do for our Country.

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