United States Hit with Record-Setting Arctic Blast and Snow

Arctic Blast
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The United States is facing record-setting cold temperatures after an arctic blast of cold air traveled south. The bitter cold temperatures are expected to stay through the beginning of 2018.

Here are some of the updates across the country:

-32 in Watertown, New York

A new record cold temperature of -37 degrees was set in International Falls, Minnesota. The previous record was -32 degrees.

Ski resorts are closing in New England.

Minnehaha Falls is freezing solid.

Snow plows getting stuck in Erie, Pennsylvania after more than 60 inches of snow.

No big whup #eriepa

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ain’t snow stoppin’ us in #EriePA 63” inches of fun! #snow #weather #erie

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Sharks are dying off of Cape Cod.

Flights are canceled due to cold weather.

Winterfest in Peoria was canceled because of cold weather.