House Speaker Paul Ryan revealed at a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee event on Friday he does not plan to attach a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) illegal alien fix to a government spending bill, stating, “That’s just not good government.”

The moderator of the Wisconsin event asked Speaker Ryan, “Will [DACA] get attached to the spending bill?”

The government faces a January 19 deadline to provide the money to continue funding the federal government.

Ryan responded, “No, we won’t do that. That’s because that’s just not good government.”

The Wisconsin Republican added that he does not believe the government will shut down over the continued negotiations regarding spending and DACA.

Ryan suggested he would like to see a permanent solution to the issue of the DACA illegal aliens as well as a “security component” to permanently fix America’s illegal immigration problem.

Speaker Ryan explained, “We need to fix DACA that (a) gets strong bipartisan support, that (b) does it in a thorough way so that we do not have another DACA problem five to ten years down the road; we do not want to fix the symptom and ignore the cause, [and] (c) you have a security component that has a DACA fix and that gets you bipartisan support in the negotiation.”

Ryan added, “Ultimately, I think we should go to a merit-based immigration system.”

At the same event on Friday, Speaker Ryan described President Donald Trump’s alleged comment that African nations and Haiti are “shithole countries” as “very unfortunate, unhelpful.”

“The first thing that came to my mind was very unfortunate, unhelpful, but you know what I thought of right away? Family. My family, like a whole lot of people, came from Ireland and worked the railroads,” Ryan said.

“It is a beautiful story of America. So I see this as something to celebrate,” Ryan added.