Sarah Sanders Responds to Criticism from Rob Porter’s Ex-Wife Colbie Holderness


White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders responded Tuesday to critical comments from former Staff Secretary Rob Porter’s ex-wife.

“I would never presume to understand anything going on with that individual nor would I think that she could presume what’s going on with me or the way that I am responding,” Sanders replied when questioned by reporters.

In a Washington Post op-ed, Holderness criticized Sanders for declining to say whether she believed allegations from Porter’s two ex-wives accusing him of physical abuse.

“While I cannot say I am surprised, I expected a woman to do better,” Holderness wrote in her op-ed.

Sanders responded to a question about the Holderness op-ed at the daily White House press briefing. She repeated a statement from the president condemning domestic violence.

“We’re looking for ways to take action to help prevent this from ever happening to anyone,” Sanders continued. “To presume that I feel differently is simply a very strong mischaracterization of who I am, who this White House is, and what our actions are focused on and what we’re trying to do here.”