Police: Drunk Man Rides Horse on California Freeway

The assumption that horses have only one toe is at least partially wrong, according to a new study

An intoxicated man having a bit too much fun on his birthday rode on horseback on a California freeway early Saturday morning, police said.

California Highway Patrol officers told KABC that officials responded to a report of a man galloping on a white horse eastbound on the 91 Freeway from Paramount Boulevard to Downey Avenue.

Officers stopped the man while he was on his horse and conducted sobriety tests in the field. Officials say the man had blood alcohol level readings of .21 and .19—more than double the legal limit in the state of California.

The man, identified as Luis Alfredo Perez, 29, was arrested and charged for allegedly riding a horse under the influence.

The horse, Guera, was not harmed and released into the custody of Perez’s mother. An official told KTLA that the man’s mother quickly arrived at the scene upon hearing of the incident.

The California Highway Patrol sent out a tweet Saturday reminding the public that people cannot ride their hoofed friends on the freeway.

“No, you may not ride your horse on the freeway, and certainly not while intoxicated,” the agency wrote.