NY-Based Grocery Chain Yanks Alec Baldwin TV Ads *Updated*

***UPDATE: Wegmans Food market apologizes, puts ads back on the air.

Baldwin stars on one of the lowest-rated “cultural phenoms” (according to the dishonest entertainment media) on television, regularly insults a large segment of the customers (those who are not hypocritical wacko leftists), and just as regularly acts like a jerk in public.

Why would any company interested in creating goodwill want this guy as the face of their product?


Alec Baldwin’s antics aboard an American Airlines flight have gotten him grounded as a spokesman for a New York-based supermarket chain.

A spokeswoman for Wegmans Food Markets tells Rochester media outlets that the company pulled television ads featuring Baldwin after some customers complained about his behavior that resulted in his being booted from a Dec. 6 flight at Los Angeles International Airport.

Baldwin was removed from the New York-bound plane for refusing to turn off his cellphone.

The TV spots were filmed for the 2010 holiday season. The commercials were supposed to run again for three weeks last month but were pulled a week early after Baldwin’s airline dustup.

I’m looking at you, Capitol One.