Stewart Trots Out Race Card Just in Time for Presidential Election Season

If you’re Jon Stewart, you know you can’t point to President Barack Obama’s record and say, “just check the re-election box here.”

So that means Stewart and his fellow humorists, who more often than not set entertainment criteria aside to promote their agendas, will have to do some fancy footwork to keep Obama in office for four more years.

Voila, the race card.

Get the f[bleep] out out of here. Santorum? Really? Republicans, you gonna try every chocolate in the box? Is that, look, look, here’s your candidates. Here’s your candidates. Let’s call it a “White Man’s Sampler.”

Stewart couldn’t find the race card when the overwhelmingly white Occupy Wall Street crowd clogged up public space for weeks at a time. Handy that he found it just now, right?

Republicans were eager to cast their vote for Herman Cain before a series of sexually-charged allegations shut down Cain’s campaign. Don’t tell that to Stewart. He’s got to play the full race card deck before the last vote is tallied this November.