Congressman Peter King: 'I Feel Very Vindicated' by DOD, CIA Investigation Into Possible Obama Leaks to Sony

Congressman Peter King told Fox News it’s clear there is “probable cause” for investigating whether the Obama administration leaked classified military information to the makers of an upcoming Sony film about the raid that took out Osama bin Laden.

King’s interview with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly earlier today revealed new details about the investigation and why the congressman thought the leak may have happened in the first place.

The New York Republican told Kelly the proof for his initial suspicions about the leak revolved around how much information about the raid hit the press shortly after it occurred.

“That compromised our assets on the ground,” he says.

His concern grew after reading a Maureen Dowd column in the New York Times “almost bragging that the administration would give Sony and [Director] Kathryn Bigelow unprecedented access to the most classified operation in history.”

That was enough to ignite a preliminary investigation by the Defense Department into the matter, King reveals. And, apparently, investigators found something worth pursuing.

“The Inspector General has decided to go ahead with a full investigation,” King said. “I feel very vindicated on this … they wouldn’t be wasting their time on this if they didn’t think there was at least probably cause.”

King didn’t accuse the Obama administration of purposely leaking info for a project which could cast Obama in a positive light. Instead, he pointed to a less nefarious cause.

“Sometimes you have amateurs running the operation,” he says, while later adding he’s glad Sony is making a movie of the raid.

“This should be made into a movie. This was so heroic, and it was a tremendous accomplishment,” he says.