Trailer Talk: 'Silent House' Gives Olsen a Fright

Elizabeth Olsen turned in a breakthrough performance in last year’s cult shocker “Martha Marcy May Marlene.”

Too bad only a precious few saw it.

[youtube VD88EFBFuos nolink]

Now, Olsen is returning to scary territory in “Silent House,” the stateside remake of the creepy Uruguayan horror film allegedly shot in one very long take. The story involves a young woman and her father who run into some unsavory happenings in a creaky old house.

The new version, coming our way in March, lets Olsen show off her Scream Queen chops. Looks like she’ll be doing plenty of shrieking before it’s all over.

The trailer wisely doesn’t spoil the whole story, and the chills feel at least reasonably framed. The film steals some smaller details from the original film, like those Polaroid snapshots which factored into the narrative. The quick Facebook reference reveals the filmmakers kept the horror genre’s youthful demographic firmly in mind.

The new “House” also claims to be shot in one take, but the critical quotes used in the trailer make it clear appearances can be deceiving.

But can we all agree to stop with the “inspired by true events” nonsense. Ever since “The Blair Witch Project” hinted that it was based on a true story via an early Internet-based campaign we’ve had to deal with these faux reality attempts.

The new film “The Devil Inside” takes this approach to a new, laughable level.

It’s fake, it’s a horror movie, we get it. Now, just scare us and we’ll happily pay to see it once and maybe twice.