Clooney Doesn't Think Celebrities Should Campaign for Politicians

Oscar winner George Clooney doesn’t think it makes sense for actors to campaign for their favorite politician.

Then why does everyone with access to a TV or web platform know of his undying affection for President Barack Obama?

Clooney, currently starring in “The Descendants,” chatted with former Clinton advisor George Stephanopoulos this week about the actor’s views on the current political climate. And while fellow liberal Matt Damon is willing to concede Obama’s first term hasn’t gone as he expected, Clooney refuses to stray off the Hollywood reservation, politically speaking.

“I’m a Democrat, I’m a believer in him.” Of Obama’s years in office he said, “I think he’s done a wonderful job, I think he’s having a tough time in a very difficult environment. So I root for him. I root for the president of the United States.”

On air to promote his flick, “The Descendants,” Clooney also talked about celebrity fundraising and campaigning for a politician. He clarified to Stephanopoulos that he had raised money but not campaigned for Obama. Said the actor, “I didn’t do any campaigning. I’m a big believer — I really don’t think it helps much to have well-known, famous people campaigning for you. I don’t think that does you a lot of good.”

So, campaigning is out of the question, but chatting up journalists about one’s affection for the president is grand, as is meeting with Obama personally to discuss various issues in a chummy fashion.

Just checking.