Dull Card: Fey, Fallon Preview How Late Night Will Attack Mitt Romney

Democrats rallied ’round Vice President Al Gore in 2000 even if Captain Global Warming was as dull as a power point presentation.

Now, looks like comedians are prepping the Dull Card to play against potential presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon both played the card – hard – Tuesday during a skit on Fallon’s NBC “Late Night” program.

The bit involved a game show segment where the participants had to imitate famous people. For Michelle Obama, Fey started flexing her arms – Fey’s partner thought she was doing the Hulk. Ha ha.

When Fey drew Romney’s name, she said, “This is a really boring Republican guy who might be president.” Later, when the game required only visual clues, Fallon started moving stiffly, like a robot politician motioning to an unseen crowd.

Let’s see how fast this meme gets picked up by Fallon’s late night peers now that Romney’s path to the GOP presidential ticket seems clear.