Politically Correct Christian-Basher Ricky Gervais Poses as Brave Comedian


Gervais, who has hosted the Globes for the past two years and will do so again on Sunday night, continued his chat from last week with TODAY’s Matt Lauer on Wednesday, refusing to apologize for being offensive from time to time.

“What am I doing? I’m coming up with jokes and annoying people,” he said. “I think offense is taken, not given. If you don’t let yourself be offended, you’re not offended. Some people are offended by quality; some people are offended by mixed marriage; some people are offended by homosexuality. What are we meant to do, stop all those things because someone’s offended? No.”

That said, while he’s also considered a highly-intelligent comedian, Gervais says a person “should have no pride in being smart or being what you are. It’s what you do with it.”

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