Colbert Buys Air Time in South Carolina to Mock Romney, GOP Super PACs

Stephen Colbert isn’t content with satirizing the GOP from the comfort of his Comedy Central perch.

Now, the star of “The Colbert Report” is running a faux Super PAC ad in South Carolina slamming GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney.

The spot takes an actual quote from Romney – “Corporations are people” – and fuses it with the former governor’s days with Bain Capital. If Bain eliminated struggling companies, then Romney is a “serial killer,” according to the ad voiced by actor John Lithgow.

Colbert is buying precious air time to make sure people see his comedy – and to hammer away at the likely GOP presidential candidate.

The Obama campaign will have a massive war chest with which to buy advertising, while a gaggle of Obama supporters will likely litter TV programming with more pro-Obama ads in the grand Super PAC style. Will Colbert or anyone else from Comedy Central rush to mock them, too?