Politico Buries the Lede: Stephen Colbert Met with Audience Indifference in SC

***UPDATE: One of the folks involved in the event was kind enough to forward the video. It’s a must-watch. The great Frank Luntz gets bigger laughs than Colbert (who gets none) and not because these South Carolina moms “don’t get” the joke. These are smart women who know Colbert’s joke really isn’t. Watch how many of them describe Colbert as a left-winger and, quite hilariously, as a “Charleston dandy.”

Man, I love the American people.


Because those left-wing journOlists at Politico share Colbert’s agenda to define GOP candidates as out-of-touch, because Politico shares Colbert’s goal to deny free speech to millionaires not named Stephen Colbert and corporations not named Politico, it makes sense that after gushing all over Colbert in somewhere around 258,223 stories, Politico would bury the lede in the 258,224th:

Via POLITICO’s Mackenzie Weinger in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Stephen Colbert made his appearance at the Café Moms town hall via a recorded video message:

Stephen Colbert made a cameo appearance at the Café Moms town hall meeting in Myrtle Beach on Monday with a recorded message asking the audience if they agree with Mitt Romney’s line that “corporations are people.” …

“My next question for the Café Moms South Carolina town hall is: What do you think about South Carolina’s favorite son forming an exploratory committee to run for president? While you discuss that I’m going to call my mom.”

And snark, snark, snark, and blah, blah, blah.

The real story, however, is found (as it usually is at Politico) near and at the bottom:

Most of the audience said they thought corporations were indeed people before Colbert came back onscreen in another taped segment. …

The crowd, with just a few exceptions, said they had absolutely no interest in a Colbert run. The comedian is set to respond to the moms later this afternoon.

None of this matters to Colbert, though, because his audience isn’t the everyday people anymore; it’s the elites in the media. He’s become their personal funny-monkey by promoting himself to the left-wing MSM’s personal and political prejudices.

As I write this, there is nothing on the front page of Politico about Solyndra, Fast and Furious, the under-employed, or the large numbers of those who have lowered the unemployment rate by giving up their search for work, but there are TWO front-page stories about Stephen Colbert’s antics.

Colbert is not engaging in political humor, he’s engaging in partisan politics disguised as humor — and the corrupt MSM is enabling him every step of the way.