Trailer Talk: 'The Vow' – 'Til Memory Loss Do Us Part

Two years ago, movie goers were fed a rom-com with more stars than anyone could process.

The result? “Valentine’s Day” lacked the sugary sweetness we demand from romantic fare.

For 2012’s most romantic season, the leads from “The Notebook” and “Dear John” are hoping to pry open our tear ducts. “The Vow,” hitting theaters Feb. 10, casts Rachel McAdams as a woman who loses her memory in a car accident and can’t remember her own husband (Channing Tatum).

[youtube 8swF2-R6X9A nolink]

The trailer hits the expected notes – the frustration, endless passion and possible salvation of a couple in distress. The stars as as purty as a picture, although Tatum is working so often these days (“The Vow” is the first of four movies he has in the can for 2012) he could be heading for overexposure alerts.

It’s shame we don’t see more in the trailer of actor Scott Speedman, the “Felicity” standout cast here as the “other man” potentially vying for the attentions of McAdams’ character. He’s been picking some sleepers of late, from the woefully underrated “Barney’s Version” to a nasty 2010 thriller “Good Neighbors.”

Hollywood’s rom-com track record has been abysmal in recent years, although its “rom-drams” like “Love and Other Drugs” fare far better. Let’s just hope “The Vow’s” resolution doesn’t involve a second bonk on the head that sets the character’s memory back to normal. That only works on ’60s sitcoms and shabby films like Liam Neeson’s “Unknown.”