ABC's 'GCB' Paints Church Goers as Vindicative, Petty and Sexually Charged

Christians recoiled at the notion of a new ABC drama dubbed “Good Christian Bitches.”

More of the same Christian bashing content from Hollywood, people of faith feared after hearing the proposed show. The offensive show title was merely the icing on the devil’s food cake.

[youtube ZP-yUQ7MBMU nolink]

ABC blinked on the name controversy, switching it to “Good Christian Belles” before simplifying matters with “GCB.” But our first peek at the new series, which doesn’t debut until March, shows that the content will still rile Christians.

The initial “GCB” teaser above appears rather harmless, as a gaggle of Christian ladies stir up old hostilities toward a woman who once gave them fits in high school.

The new show peek, exclusive to The Huffington Post, paints a far less flattering portrait of the aforementioned “Belles.”

Star Kristin Chenoweth, an actress of faith off screen, quotes the Psalms in the show preview as a way to smite the bad girl from back in their day (played by Leslie Bibb). The clip’s big moment comes when we learn how Bibb’s character’s husband died. Suffice to say he was being unfaithful and suffered the painful consequences. Once the GCBers stop giggling over how he died Chenoweth’s character gets them back in line.

“Ladies, it is not appropriate to speak of such things on the phone. I’ll see you at church,” Chenoweth purrs.