Comedy Central 'Comics' Champion Obama's State of the Union on Twitter

The upcoming Comedy Central series “Key & Peele” got some viral video love earlier this month with a sketch reminding us just how cool, tough and awesome President Obama is.

Just ignore those pesky economic statistics, the flotilla of broken campaign promises and the roiling state of the world. Last night, the show’s co-hosts took to Twitter to ramp up their Obama defense during the State of the Union speech.

Caution: the language is pretty salty, although, to be fair, some of the Tweets are funny. Here’s just a short sample of what the pair fired off last night during Obama’s speech:

The new series features two comedians of color (both Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are biracial) in a comedy genre with a dearth of diversity – “In Living Color” being a bold exception. So far, they’re using their unique comedy pulpit to promote Obama, not deconstruct him as their fellow comics have done to other leaders for generations.

“Key & Peele” debuts on Comedy Central Jan. 31.