One-Percenter Justin Long, Team For Romney Hit

Even people who recoil at “Saturday Night Live’s” inability to hit the Left as hard as the Right will admit the show’s sketches look great.

Terrific makeup. Top-flight impersonations. Impressive production values.

[youtube zyWh8YNFBWc nolink]

Actor Justin Long proves in his latest video that’s he’s not ready for prime time, “SNL” style.

Long is partnering with far-left to play up the already discredited meme that former Gov. Mitt Romney likes to fire people. “SNL” beat Long to the punch, but the “Live Free or Die Hard” star doesn’t want to let it go.

The video doesn’t offer a single solid laugh, and the tax return gag is instantly moldy since Romney recently released them. Perhaps Long and his celebrity pals can show us their tax returns and compare how much they give to charity as opposed to Romney. It’s likely they’ll eclipse the cash doled out by President Obama, but that’s a pretty low ceiling.