Box Office Predictions: 'The Grey' Fights to the Top… with Broken Bottle Knuckles, of Course

Another Sensei call streak reached double digits last week. Looking ahead, things will only get more unpredictable at the box office. Or, as Master Iron Fist puts it, “more fun.”

This weekend’s predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. The Grey ($15 Million) – This wilderness action film falls right in place for its target audience and is receiving strong critical reviews. That should allow enough momentum to take the top spot. Be warned. Liam Neeson has very strong box office appeal in action films (“Unknown,” “Taken”), and has a solid history of beating box office projections.

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2. Underworld Awakening ($12.4 Million) – The sci-fi sequel continues to do well and is hunting at an “Underworld Evolution”-like box office pace. Look for another solid runner-up finish for Ms. Beckinsale–A.K.A. “Ms. January.”

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3. Red Tails ($12 Million) – Sensei nailed this film’s opening with his $19 million call. Again, look for a solid hold and a gross that could even give “Underworld” a run for its money this weekend. You’ll also find a great article here from Christian Toto addressing the film’s success.

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4. Man On A Ledge ($11.2 Million) – This particular film is offering ticket discounts, much like last year’s “The Lincoln Lawyer.” “Lawyer” had the benefit of having Matthew McConaughey, though, who remains a healthy box office draw. The cheaper tickets will boost the numbers, but not to “Lincoln Lawyer”-like heights. “Ledge” will have to corner action audiences more on concept than star appeal. That’s a tough order with “The Grey” in direct competition.

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5. Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close ($10 Million) – The indie book adaptation will benefit from its recent Oscar nominations but only slightly. The “Oscar boost” at the box office for nominated films is nowhere near where it used to be.

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Bonus Calls:

6. One For The Money ($8.5 Million) – A ticket special is also being offered on this one. The film is similar in design to 2010’s “The Bounty Hunter” but will come nowhere close to that film’s $20 million opening. Sadly, star Katherine Heigl will again find herself with disappointing box office numbers, much like her previous action comedy “Killers.”

Does Sensei have it right, or will another film top the weekend?