Cedric the Entertainer Lashes Out at Black Republican Woman as 'Wack, Black B*tch'

The price those the left label as apostates pay is always a high one. Their very identity is questioned, and these attacks are always ignored by the same MSM that labels facts, such as the record number of food stamp recipients under President FailureTeleprompter, as racist. Moreover, heaven help a comedian who aims a little satire at the gay community, but once again, openly sexist, racially-charged attacks against leftist apostates are always met with the media’s approval in the form of complicit silence.

Crystal Wright is an accomplished commentator and writer who holds a Masters from Georgetown. But she just happens to be black and female and Republican, so therefore …. this gets fired out to nearly a quarter of a million people:


Ms. Wright wrote about what happened at Freedoms Journal:

What’s curious is no other race, White, Hispanic or Asian, gives over 90% of their vote to one party but blacks. In exchange for this block vote, Democrats, including President Obama, our first black president, take the black vote for granted each election cycle because they don’t have to work for it.

Since I began my blog, most of the hateful email and tweets I receive come from black liberals. I find this ironic since the Democrat party touts itself as the party of tolerance and as DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz recently said it is “the natural home to minorities.” Some tolerance!

To give you a taste of the kind vulgar, distasteful and racist comments I receive, I thought I would share with you some unsavory tweets hurled at me while I joined BET’s Ed Gordon Tuesday night as the only black Republican woman providing analysis of President Obama’s State of the Union Speech.

Cedric the Entertainer, as he refers to himself, didn’t like my commentary that Obama’s speech was more Obama blaming Bush, Republicans and everything under the sun for his failed policies. So, he tweeted the following:

What follows is the screen-shot of the tweet above and tweets inspired by Cedric.