Trailer Talk: 'God Bless America' Another Hypocritical Left-wing Civility Lecture?

Writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait walked a gossamer-thin line with the excellent 2009 comedy “World’s Greatest Dad.”

How many auteurs could spin gold out of a father profiting off the accidental suicide of his son?

The “Police Academy” alum will have to be even more delicate with his upcoming film, “God Bless America.” (Warning: Attached trailer is the red band version meant for mature audiences).

[youtube -1-NRmuXTls nolink]

The coal black comedy stars Joel Murray (“One Crazy Summer”) as a fed-up consumer who takes action against our debasing pop culture. Think trashy celebrities, sexually voracious reality show stars and the like.

Easy pickings, no doubt. But sometimes it’s impossible to parody material as over the top as Maury Povich, “Jersey Shore” or any “Real Housewives” scratch-a-thon. And the clip, while humorous at times, hints of the same faux civility debate the Left manufactured to silence dissent in the wake of the 2011 Tucson shooting. We also get a Fox News-like bit where a host paints President Barack Obama as a Nazi.

Let’s not bet against Goldthwait, one of the more uncompromising artists on the scene who doesn’t bow to conventional thinking. This is the same man who gave us an alchoholic clown movie and one about a woman who “slept” with her dog.

The film is heading to Video on Demand in April 6 before its May 11 theatrical bow. “God Bless America” may catch the cultural zeitgeist or go down as a colossal failure. Hard to see it striking a middle ground, and that’s precisely what Goldthwait expects, we bet.