Trailer Talk: HBO's 'Game Change' Pummels Palin with Liberal Talking Points

The 2010 presidential election tome “Game Change” recalled the battle between Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama for the Oval Office.

The HBO movie version is all about McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. And, if this early peek is any indication, conservatives can expect a feature-length assault on the Tea Party darling.

[youtube IPhh7mch5zo nolink]

The first full trailer for the movie, debuting March 10 on HBO, backloads the Palin bashing. We get a respectful treatment of Sen. McCain (ably reproduced by Ed Harris) and Woody Harrelson playing McCain’s campaign chair Steve Schmidt. Then we meet Sarah, and right away it’s clear that actress Julianne Moore hasn’t captured Palin’s charisma or personal pluck.

Heck, even Tina Fey’s excoriating impression of the self-described Hockey Mom had more clarity.

The media once loved McCain, but it turned on him in a hurry once he became the GOP’s standard bearer in 2008. Now, it’s safe to call him a war hero and seasoned politician as the film evidently does. As for Palin, the trailer patches her infamous moments together for maximum ridicule. It’s like the “Game Change” version of Palin sprang to life from a Paul Krugman op-ed.

“Game Change” is from the creative team behind “Recount,” an HBO feature which portrayed Democrats as the heroes in the 2000 election imbroglio. If this trailer is any indication, “Recount” might look all fair ‘n balanced in comparison to this hit piece.