Trailer Talk: 'Get the Gringo' Offers Old-School Mel for Newfangled VOD Consumption

The trailer for Mel Gibson’s latest film has hit the web along with news that it’ll skip theaters entirely and head straight for the On Demand market.

On the one hand this can be seen as a testament to the fact that Gibson is not marketable to American audiences anymore. On the other hand this is exactly where the movie industry is heading as filmmakers seem to be finding alternative means to releasing their own films (i.e. Kevin Smith taking “Red State” on the road and selling it with the winning addition of a live Q & A segment).

[youtube RK2y_aJkJXM nolink]

Looks like the old Mel is back and ready for action. “Get the Gringo” probably never had a shot in the current movie market. It seems way old school and not in an ironic sort of way. It looks like a film Gibson completed in the ’90s (minus the grey hair) and has been storing away for some time. The film should have anyone desperate for some “man- fiction” ready to take a ride this May when it hits … well … your television.

Big Hollywood published my piece a while back about the film’s first poster, back when the film was called “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.” Seems “Get the Gringo” is a more down and dirty name and sounds more like a Steven Seagal picture than a Gibson one. Nevertheless, seeing Gibson going all “Grand Theft Auto” kill shot with that pistol and throwing around his dry voice and his too playful to be sardonic grin like they were candy has me almost as excited as when I heard Clint Eastwood mutter, “get off my lawn” in the great “Gran Torino.”

Get excited folks. After all, it looks a little better than that last Roman Polanski flick no one noticed.