Carolla Endorses Donald Trump's Work Ethic

Adam Carolla didn’t exactly endorse Donald Trump for president today. But the podcast king did toast The Donald’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Carolla, talking alongside fellow “Apprentice” contestant Penn Jillette, says he and Trump may not see eye to eye on every issue. But the country would be in far better shape if everyone approached work with the intensity Trump brings to every project he starts.

[youtube a9aXjGzR1ew nolink]

When it comes to roll your sleees up, get to work, stop complaining, get our nose to the grindstone, I like that part of Trump … you can start talking about Medicare and Medicaid and social programs, but to me if everyone had Trump’s attitude of, ‘I’m not gonna feel sorry for myself. I’m gonna roll my sleeves up, and I’m gonna bust my ass and get to work,’ we’d be living in a pretty decent country.”

“That part of Trump, that part of Trump as a president, I would endorse.

Carolla is one of several contestants on the latest season of Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” set to bow Feb. 19