As Leftist Hollywood Turns Their Back Against Breast Cancer Reseach, Patricia Heaton Stands Up for Komen

As much of the rest of Hollywood dutifully sides with an abortion mill (responsible for killing more unborn women than Stalin), over a respected foundation that has done more to fight breast cancer and save women’s lives than any other, one high-profile star isn’t afraid to swim against these left-wing Tinseltown hordes:



Ellen Barkin, Roseanne Barr, John Legend, Lance Armstrong, and many others have pledged to not only end their support of Komen, they are also urging others to do the same. But that’s how the left thinks. First off, how dare a private charity make a private decision (so much for “choice”). Secondly, you can’t support both for heaven’s sake, Harvey might not invite you to his next shindig.

And yet it is possible to support Komen AND Planned Parenthood, but these sanctimonious celebs are choosing to turn their backs on the fight against breast cancer just to prove to the rest of Hollywood they are good little left-wing minions.

Of all the things for the Hollywood left to put their energy, riches, and celebrity behind, they choose an abortion factory that targets the poor, specifically blacks and Hispanics.

Where are their priorities? Isn’t there a cop killer on death row somewhere in need of support? A child rapist? What’s the matter with these people.

Anyway, good for Ms. Heaton. Not only are her beliefs properly aligned but she’s willing to publicly stand up for them.

Hollywood conservatives are the new Hollywood iconoclasts.

The rest are the Borg, The Man, the minions, The Establishment.