Madonna Delivers Shock-Free Halftime Show

No wardrobe malfunction interrupted this Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Madonna, the 50-something shock singer, kept it mostly clean during her Super Bowl performance Sunday. She flashed a tiny amount of thigh and flirted harmlessly with some of her male dance squad, but that was about it. She left the skin-baring chores to the hulking gladiator types around the stage.

The only tension came from guest singer M.I.A. who appeared to flash the middle finger at the end of one of Madonna’s highly choreographed numbers.

The Material Girl meshed flawlessly with the typically over-produced halftime show segment, belting out a barrage of her greatest hits as well as her new single, “Give Me All Your Lovin.'” She kicked off the set singing “Vogue” while dressed as a quasi-Egyptian songstress. At times she appeared as stiff as one of those Egyptian paintings.

The popular “Music” followed, as Madonna left the more acrobatic moves to her agile backing dancers. The singer confessed she was nursing a leg injury in the days before the big show, and it clearly kept her theatrics to a minimum.

It’s hard to say conclusively that Madonna was singing to an existing track, but she didn’t miss a single note nor did she offer any tweaks to her familiar lyrics.

She broke out a pair of golden pom-poms for “Lovin,'” a cheerleader-heavy segment that seemed to cry out for at least a few “Glee” cast members.

“Like a Prayer” wrapped the show on a semi-high note, especially when guest star Cee Lo Green stole the stage and the song from the main attraction.

Madonna ended the show by disappearing in a flash of stage smoke, the words “world peace” left in her wake.