'An Inconsistent Truth' Debunks Gore's Global Warming Hysteria

'An Inconsistent Truth' Debunks Gore's Global Warming Hysteria

“You can fool all the people half the time, and half the people all the time.” That quote has been attributed to everyone from Abe Lincoln to P.T. Barnum. Whoever said it doesn’t matter. It’s true. Polls show that about half the people still believe in man-made global warming, despite Climategate and despite an avalanche of evidence to the contrary.

What we found in our movie “An Inconsistent Truth” is that belief in man-made global warming is wide but very shallow. Ask people on the street, as we did, if they believe in global warming and you’re likely to get a confident affirmation. Ask them why they believe it and you’re likely to get the dull stare of a dairy cow or the puzzled and confused gaze of Edith Bunker.

The trouble is most people have been spoon-fed only half the story and as Thomas B. Macaulay once said, “Half knowledge is worse than ignorance.” Indeed. People have taken Al Gore’s claims of global calamity at face value despite his propensity to lie. Remember, he’s the man who once claimed to have created the Internet.

It’s a shame but most people are simply incurious creatures. Some may call it intellectual laziness but the fact is people are just too busy living their own lives to devote any serious study to global warming. Being a talk radio host I do nothing but study the issues, and we spent two-and-a-half years researching and filming “An Inconsistent Truth.” We learned there was actually more time spent by the global warming alarmists trying to scare away the curious than actually cementing their argument. Phrases like “settled science” and “consensus” are the parlance of
politicians and political hacks, not scientists.

Curiosity, however, is the mother’s milk of science. Without it, science stops. Science is never settled. If it were then all the poking and prodding that comes with science would stop as well.

And that’s exactly what Gore wants. He wants to stop the innate curiosity of scientists when it comes to studying why on earth we keep warming and cooling. Forget that we’ve been doing both for millennia. All of a sudden it’s our fault. Trust him.

In order to fill in that other half of the knowledge that is so sorely needed we dared challenge the so-called status quo and held Gore accountable for the outlandish fabrications he portrayed in his own movie. The whoppers are so numerous that the High Court of England ruled that English schoolchildren must be alerted to those fallacies before they can be exposed to his propaganda machine.

We only had 90 minutes so we focused on the doozies. Polar bears are not dying off despite what Gore and the Nissan Leaf people might want you to think. (And they don’t hug humans, by the way. They eat them if they can.) In fact, polar bears are thriving.

Here’s another myth: all the ice caps all over the globe are melting. Ice in the Arctic has subsided a bit in the last 20 years but it was doing the same thing in the ’50s, the ’20s and for who knows how long before we were actually able to measure it thanks to satellites. Besides, while the Arctic ice was retreating the Antarctic ice was growing at roughly the same pace.

Apparently this warming isn’t so global after all.

And Arctic sea ice is floating so its melting has no more effect on sea levels rising than the ice melting in your Coke causes your glass to overflow. Oh, and that nasty CO2 we breathe and plants take in for food? It’s not really a pollutant unless, of course, it’s coming out of Gore’s mouth. And now they’ve shortened carbon dioxide to just “carbon” to make it sound dirty.

We have been bamboozled. Somebody had to say it. We did. Gore and his henchmen have literally hijacked science and are attempting to use it for their own purposes. What purposes? Ah, well, you’ll have to see the movie. We doggedly pursue the poster boy of global warming, even crashing a book signing. While we wait to be turned down yet again by his press secretary we sit down for substantive discussions with noted scientists like Dr. John Christy who was a lead scientist on the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) that Gore points to as proof of a consensus.

It’s a fun-filled, sometimes humorous, always fascinating and factual journey to the center of the truth. Pick up some hot popcorn and a CO2-injected soft drink and enjoy the show. Just make sure you wipe your carbon footprint before entering the theater.