Roseanne Still Smarting Over 'Star Spangled Banner' Debacle

Roseanne Barr may be busy planning her run for the Green Party’s presidential ticket, but she still has time to start new Twitter feuds. Editor in Chief Joel Pollak paid tribute to Whitney Houston via Twitter on Sunday by mentioning how the late singer’s rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” helped us forget Roseanne’s calamitous version a few months prior.

It’s a small Twitter world after all, and Roseanne herself (@TheRealRoseanne) responded to Pollak’s Tweet.

Joel Pollak Roseanne

Barr is still playing the comedy card, apparently. Did anyone find her baseball shtick funny back in 1990?

But the bigger issue for her presidential ambitions is her apparent paper-thin skin. Chances are Pollak’s Tweet will be the softest blow thrown at her in the coming months. What happens when the “big guns” start firing at her game-changing, party smashing, reviving America campaign?