Thought Police Victory Lap: Ratner to Direct, Produce Videos for GLAAD

Director Brett Ratner lost his gig as producer of this year’s Academy Awards telecast after GLAAD and other groups ripped him forusing the word “fags” in a derogatory manner.

Now, it’s time for Ratner to say, “how high?” when GLAAD asks him to jump.


…the media advocacy group announced a new video campaign, which will be produced and directed by Brett Ratner. The announcement follows meeting between Ratner met and GLAAD’s Board of Directors this past weekend that included Ratner’s successor as Oscar producer, Brian Grazer, directors Adam Shankman and Bryan Singer. “Working together with GLAAD has been a very positive and enlightening experience for me, and I could not be more pleased to be developing this crucial campaign to help educate people that we all share the same humanity,” Ratner said.

Apparently, losing a once-in a lifetime gig wasn’t punishment enough for the garrulous director.