Your Obama Apologist of the Day: Questlove

Your Obama Apologist of the Day: Questlove

Hope. Change. It just doesn’t happen overnight.

So says Questlove, the leader of the hip hop band The Roots who was behind the vulgar attack on Congresswoman Michele Bachmannlate last year on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

Now, Questlove is throwing all-new and improved support behind President Barack Obama.

When I started supporting Barack Obama in 2008, he promised to bring real change and hope to our country and community as a whole,” Questlove, drummer for The Roots, says in a video posted on the campaign’s website. “This is not a quick fix. It’s not like you can take a wand — bing! — and just make magic overnight. He needs eight years to finish the mission and we need to have his back.”

Questlove flaunts a hair pick that features the Obama campaign logo in the video.

Does Questlove mean the planet won’t start healing for another five years? Rats.

[youtube u2pZSvq9bto nolink]