Hollywood Actress Who Plays Sarah Palin Hates Sarah Palin

Hollywood Actress Who Plays Sarah Palin Hates Sarah Palin

Uber-liberal Julianne Moore, who plays Sarah Palin in the upcoming anti-Palin HBO hit piece Game Change, has decided to mouth off about the inspiration for her role:

Julianne, 51, told Capitol File magazine: ‘She wasn’t qualified to be vice president. She wasn’t a qualified candidate.  I think that became quite evident during the campaign. It was so shocking to me when she resigned the governorship of Alaska when the presidential election was over.  I was stunned. I just think that shows such an unbelievable lack of interest in the actual governing.’

As opposed to Senator Barack Obama, who spent all of five minutes in the Senate before running for president – and whom Moore supported in the 2008 election in the primaries (she gave just over $5,000 to Obama, the DNC, and the Democratic White House Victory Fund).

Let’s not pretend Moore cares deeply about Alaskan governance. As Tina Korbe over at HotAir pointed out just a few days ago, she said she found Palin “pretty terrifying” because of the threat she posed to liberal establishment.

I would say, as a registered Democrat and longtime liberal, I think that I speak for a lot of women when I say that when [Palin] burst onto the scene, the way that she did that was pretty terrifying because I really felt like, Oh my gosh, the Republicans might have this election. She was so electrifying as a figure, it kind of blew everyone away.

And so Hollywood will sink her.  This is how Hollywood makes its in-kind contributions – by creating film and television about how horrible and stupid Republicans are. Tina Fey’s imitation of Palin was a Hollywood sucker-punch at the perception of Palin as an intelligent woman.  How many Americans actually think Palin said that she could see Russia from her house?

And this is where Hollywood does most of its damage. It’s not with the huge fundraisers for Democrats – they can always find the cash somewhere else, usually the unions – it’s with their entertainment, which reaches millions at a time. Until Republicans begin fighting back in this space, the opinions of people like Moore – whose political opinions should be utterly irrelevant – will continue to impact the American political conversation.