Yahoo! Lets HBO's Bill Maher Rip GOP, Promote Obama's Super PAC

Last night Yahoo! premiered its new Screen Comedy Channel with the promise of more big names coming soon.

Which comedian did Yahoo! choose to kick start its online streaming series?  HBO’s resident liberal Bill Maher.

During the show, though missing from Yahoo!’s posted version, Maher presented the Obama Super PAC, Priorities USA Action, with a $1 million check.

Does Yahoo! consider featuring such a blatantly partisan comedian, with an incredibly offensive material (see below), an appropriate way to begin its new series?

Pandering to the Silicon Valley crowd (the overnight-millionaire liberals who spearheaded the Obama bumper sticker hipster phase), Maher’s entire one-hour shtick attacked conservatives, praised Obama and blasted religion.

Why did I bother to sit through this exercise in liberal propaganda disguised as humor? Because politics is downstream from culture. Maher and “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart can single-handedly do more to sway youth voters and independents than any New York Times article. Watch the clip and then ask yourself: “How would an independent feel after watching this? How would it embolden a liberal?” When the hour is done, its possible effects are obvious.

Some of Maher’s gems, in order:

“When I think of ‘coming out,’ I think of Rick Santorum. . . . Really? The front-runner now for the Republicans is little Ricky Santorum, the Jesus-freak in the sweater vest?”

“Super Tuesday is coming up – that’s when the ‘car on the lawn’ states vote.”

“Mitt v. Newt – ‘Alien vs. Predator.'”

Michelle Bachmann – [she’s] for people who find Sarah Palin ‘too intellectual’.”

Herman Cain wore a pimp hat through a s*x scandal.”

Newt Gingrich, a man with the moral compass of an opportunistic infection was the frontrunner in the party of family values.  If this guy was any slimier you could kill him with a box of salt. . . . [He is] a raging narcissist. . . . Left the first wife when she had cancer and left the second wife when she had MS. . . . How come when you get f*cked by Newt Gingrich you get very, very sick?”

“Creepy” Rick Santorum:  “[who believes] life begins at erection.”

“Who was protesting (ObamaCare)? The most unhealthy-looking people in the world! … Protesting healthcare between hits on their oxygen tank.”

Bishops [priests are ‘a bunch of 70-year-old virgin men who wear dresses to work’] and Rick Santorum want American women to know that:  the va-jay-jay is not for fun and any pleasure-f*cking should be punished with a baby, as Jesus would have wanted.”

Republicans – “they don’t have [a soul].”

Tea Party and Big Business will unite to create a new party – “the scumbaggers.”

Afghanistan: “a country that all 15 Palin‘s, working as a team, couldn’t find on a map.”

Tea Party: “not that bright, these people. Not that that’s a surprise since they named themselves after a gay s*x act.”

“It used to be acceptable to not know anything – maybe you went to high school in America, you watch a lot of TV, or you’re a Baptist.”

The Democrats “are a centrist party – we need a Left party!”

“About 30 years, the Left moved to the center and the Right got on a short bus to crazy town. There’s no such thing as a Republican moderate…. Republican moderate is like … a straight priest – it does not exist.  … They should call themselves Jo-Billy-Bob’s Confederate Gun Club.”

“The Tea Party hates being called racist – even though 99.9999999% of them are white and the president who drives them bat-shit insane is black. The one thing they hate is being called racist – the other thing they hate is black people.”

On Sarah Palin:  “[Katie Couric’s] ‘What do you read?’ is a gotcha question?! It’s a notch below ‘How are ya?’! … Qualified bc, you know, she served half a term as a governor of a state with no people, and then quit, and she has a Facebook page. . . . Oh, and she had a reality show…”

“Republicans want to keep the economy in the sh*t until November and then blame Blackie-Mc-Black-Man.”

Obama “is the most accommodating president we’ve ever had.”

Religion (which Maher sneers provides so much comedy material) is like “eternal Republican candidates.”  After blasting John Paul II’s beautification, Maher then lays into Mormonism. “I can’t wait for people to start Googling Mormonism – a religion so ridiculous that Tom Cruise would not join it and Glenn Beck did.”  He then calls Mormons “shape-shifters” and “perverts.”  Noticeably, and ever-so-predictably, missing from Maher’s smears, is, of course, Islam.

Rick Santorum said “gay marriage leads to bestiality.” [Does Maher even have a research staff or access to the web?  This slanderous claim about Santorum, despite the Left stubbornly insisting on keeping it alive, has been bunked.]

Perhaps most offensive and childish of all was Maher’s joke about Romney paying a homeless man to “blow him,” a joke Maher had made earlier the day in print in his “Republican Debate Review” column posted yesterday on Huffington Post:

“How dare you accuse me of helping people or being compassionate! Why, I’ll have you know I’m every bit as much of a cold-hearted bastard as any of these other pricks up here with me!”

“But Mitt, we have a picture of you giving money to a homeless person.”

“I did NOT give a bum money! I was paying him to blow me!”

As Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard wrote yesterday, Maher’s offensive piece was the featured blog post on Huffington Post‘s front page Thursday even though, “a little less than a year ago, conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart was banished from the Post’s front page for what a [Huffington Post] spokesman called a ‘false ad hominem attack [by Breitbart] on Van Jones in The Daily Caller.'”  Sheppard concludes: “Imagine that. A liberal publication with a double standard.”

Between HBO’s hit job on Sarah Palin (well documented on this site) and now one of its long-standing stars using a national stand-up to present an Obama Super PAC with a $1 million check … are we finally allowed to write-off our HBO subscription as a campaign contribution?