'Glee,' Jeff Goldblum and the God Squad

'Glee,' Jeff Goldblum and the God Squad

Love was in the air at McKinley High this week, as Glee aired a very special Valentine’s Day episode on the 14th. Plus, we finally got to meet Rachel’s gay dads, which literally made me squeal just a little bit since one of them was played by Jeff Goldblum, whom I’ve loved since he told the eccentric old guy in Jurassic Park, “If the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don’t eat the tourists.”

Rachel’s dads made a grand entrance on a grand piano, crooning to their teenage daughter and her teenage fiancé, “Going to the chapel, and we’re gonna get married…” Apparently someone let the cat out of the bag, because Rachel and Finn had been keeping their engagement a secret up to that point. The dads seem supportive, but it’s easy to tell that they’re not 100% there, with the dig that most teen marriages end up in divorce.

Focusing on another couple in love, we see lesbian duo Brittany and Santana called into the principal’s office for kissing in the hall. Santana complains that it’s not fair to put a kibosh on any PDAs from her and her girlfriend while allowing the hetero couples to suck face openly, and I have to agree with her. Although, I don’t think that any kids should be making out in-between classes. Come on, no one wants to see that! Save it for the backseat, you horny teenagers.

Speaking of the gay issue, it was brought up in God Squad, the ‘Christian’ club whose members include Mercedes, Sam, Quinn, and new character Joe. Joe has been home-schooled his whole life, and is a bit, shall we say … odd. He has dreads, tattoos of scripture, and apparently isn’t used to wearing shoes. He offers to play guitar for the group with the caveat that, “I only know Christian stuff; my dad only listens to talk radio and we don’t have a TV.” Well, okay then.

The God Squad decides to raise money by sending singing valentines to kids at school for $10 a pop. Feeling feisty, Santana asks them to sing a love song to her girlfriend Brittany. The glee club kids all ask Joe how he feels about that, and he says that he’s been raised not to judge, but he’d have to think about it. Quinn responds, “You have to look at the hard topics and dilemmas and be honest and truthful. If you ask me, that’s what being Christian is really about.”

Um, no. Being a Christian is about accepting the need for a savior, and accepting that savior in the form of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross and suffered the punishment for your sins. That’s it. No touchy-feely self-introspective junk needed. Joe was right though, Jesus did say, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at [the prostitute].”

Just in case you were wondering, the God Squad did end up singing a love song for the lesbians.

Now back to the engaged teenagers. Rachel’s dads invite Finn and his parents over for a get-to-know-you dinner, which ends with the parents announcing that they’ve arranged for the lovers to spend the night together. Say what?? They tell the kids that they’re not kids anymore, and as an engaged couple, they should be able to have a really real grownup relationship, which includes sleeping over.

Of course, this is just a trick to get them to see the downside of co-habitation, because it is of course revealed that the parents really aren’t okay with this young couple tying the knot. The plan seems to work, as Rachel and Finn start yelling at each other over who gets to use the bathroom when and whatnot, but backfires when they work through their differences and kiss and make up. The dads are not pleased to hear that the lovebirds have moved the wedding up to May.

Look, marriage is hard at any age. There are pluses and minuses to getting married young and to waiting. But the one thing that every couple needs is support from family and friends. Having been a teen bride myself, I am so grateful that I never bought into the notion that I was too young to get married. My husband and I have grown up together, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.