Pro-Fracking Film Laps Anti-Death Penalty Documentary

Right-leaning documentaries rarely get the chance to go head to head with their liberal-minded competition.

When was the last time a conservative documentary ended up battling it out for the Best Documentary Oscar?

So it’s fascinating to watch the crowdsourcing battle royale between “FrackNation,” a film by Big Hollywood contributors Phelim McAleer and Ann McElninney which argues against the Obama administration’s stance on hydraulic fracking, and “Troy Davis Lives,” a documentary about the execution of a Georgia man convicted of killing a police officer.

To say the former is beating the latter is an understatement. If this were a boxing match they would have stopped the fight days ago.

…after 57 days five people have offered a total of $106 for the making of Troy Davis Lives. In a countdown reminiscent of the one that took place before Davis’s execution, Kickstarter is now featuring how many hours (currently 63) are left.

By contrast, after 15 days soliciting cash, a total of … 1,282 people have pledged $90,715 for FrackNation, an average of just over $70 per donor and well over half of the $150,000 target.

Since The Mail Online’s article ran, “FrackNation’s” haul has increased to a total of $130,000. The emergence of the film’s first clip helped bump up that tally, according to McAleer.

“Kickstarter is a wonderful way of finding what audiences care about and what they want to see in their documentaries,” McAleer tells Big Hollywood. “It is audience power at its finest, and Hollywood should take note.”