The Vetting: Director of Derrick Bell Film 'Star' Obama Contributor

The Vetting: Director of Derrick Bell Film 'Star' Obama Contributor

“Cosmic Slop” is a sci-fi short-film based upon Derrick Bell’s controversial “The Space” Traders” story. It’s available at link if you wish to view it. The director was Reginald Hudlin. Based upon a tip from Jammie Wearing Fools blog, Hudlin was considered a “Star Contributor” to Barack Obama’s inauguration due to a $25,000 donation.

The essay was not too offensive for Hollywood, however–or HBO, which turned it into a TV movie, Space Traders, in 1994 as part of a “bizarre, thought-provoking” blaxploitation trilogy, Cosmic Slop.

Consider the ”Space Traders” story. How does one have a meaningful dialogue with Derrick Bell? Because his thesis is utterly untestable, one quickly reaches a dead end after either accepting or rejecting his assertion that white Americans would cheerfully sell all blacks to the aliens. The story is also a poke in the eye of American Jews, particularly those who risked life and limb by actively participating in the civil rights protests of the 1960’s. Bell clearly implies that this was done out of tawdry self-interest. Perhaps most galling is Bell’s insensitivity in making the symbol of Jewish hypocrisy the little girl who perished in the Holocaust — as close to a saint as Jews have. A Jewish professor who invoked the name of Rosa Parks so derisively would be bitterly condemned — and rightly so.

Small world, that of Barack Obama and Derrick Bell.