HBO's Bill Maher, Pelosi's Daughter Trash South on 'Real Time'

HBO's Bill Maher, Pelosi's Daughter Trash South on 'Real Time'

Leftists have a theory that, whenever President Barack Obama is up in the polls, conservatives resurrect the “birther” debate. Well, as Obama’s popularity continues to plummet, they’re resorting to their own favorite tactic – snickering at the South.

So what better than to mock Mississippi, the union’s most conservative state? This week’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” installment did just that, with a vicious piece of “journalism” by none of other than Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of the former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

While G-6-jet-lover Mother Pelosi stages press conferences full of faux concern for Georgetown Law activists who cannot afford $9/month birth control, Pelosi Junior mocks the poorest state in the nation. Seems mother and daughter should at least coordinate their approach.

Pelosi’s “documentary-style” clip consists exclusively of caricatures even Al Sharpton would consider over-the-top. We see the pick-up trucks, the local Wal-Mart, the decrepit homes, the old man on the porch, the toothless “rednecks,” the poor grammar … pick your stereotype, it’s in there.

Pelosi pulled off a similar stunt in her 2009 documentary “Right America: Feeling Wronged.” Even the left-of-center Washington Post cried foul in its blistering review of the film, dubbing it “drive-by journalism.”

Lest we point out Pelosi obviously cherry-picked the interviewees and footage, au contraire! Maher is quick to warn that Pelosi informed him she “did not cherry-pick these people,” “she got off the plane … she did not seek out people who look like rednecks.” Oh, well I’m glad that’s settled – if Pelosi tells us so, it must be so, right?

Let’s use some logic here instead of taking Pelosi’s word. Maher states she simply “got off the plane” and just started interviewing whomever she could find. So how is it Pelosi, if she really did not cherry-pick and or selectively edit the footage, did not run into any African-Americans? Assuming she flew into Gulfport-Biloxi or Jackson (Mississippi’s main airports for flights from New York, where Pelosi resides), how is it she failed to meet a single African-American, considering (according to the 2010 census) Biloxi’s African-American population is 20 percent and Jackson’s is 79 percent.

In other words, four-fifths of the individuals one would run into in Jackson are black … yet Pelosi just happened not to run into any. And why are there no women in these not-at-all-cherry-picked interviews? Biloxi is 49 percent female and Jackson is 52 percent female. Odd, huh?

So if you just uttered a veiled “Bullsh*t!” cough, you’re not alone.

Isn’t this getting old yet? Does the Left really have no new material aside from Manhattan and West-Coast millionaires mocking poor, conservative country folk?