Colbert Says Limbaugh Treats Women Worse Than Taliban

Colbert Says Limbaugh Treats Women Worse Than Taliban

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert hasn’t gotten the memo that Rush Limbaugh isn’t going anywhere.

The Left’s efforts to kick Limbaugh off the air following his inappropriate comments regarding liberal activist Sandra Fluke have failed. Yet the media continue to spin stories from the imbroglio, and liberal comics like Colbert will try their mightiest in a last-ditch effort to silence the most effective conservative voice in talk radio.

Colbert’s latest attempt is as ugly as it gets. Last night, Colbert used the news that the U.S. Army would no longer advertise on Limbaugh’s show to smear the popular broadcaster:

Yes, the Army is pulling out of Rush. Meanwhile, they’re staying in Afghanistan to negotiate with the Taliban who evidently have a better track record on women’s issues.

We’re still waiting for Colbert’s first segment ripping into liberal comics like Louis C.K. and Bill Maher, both of whom had said far, far worse things about women.

Maybe Colbert should watch tapes of his “civility” event with fellow comic Jon Stewart? He clearly needs a refresher course on his own talking points.