Susan Sarandon: Limbaugh Listeners 'Nonthinking,' GOP Candidates 'Ridiculous'

Susan Sarandon: Limbaugh Listeners 'Nonthinking,' GOP Candidates 'Ridiculous'

Susan Sarandon is a world-class actress who could use a beginner’s course on movie marketing.

Sarandon, the ageless star of “Thelma & Louise,” “Dead Man Walking” and the new film “Jeff, Who Lives at Home,” is one of Hollywood’s most outspoken liberals.

No crime. No foul. Have at it.

Sarandon stumbles when it’s time to promote her latest projects, and she ends up insulting roughly half of her potential audience. “Jeff” could use all the media love it can get. It’s a smart, funny feature getting overshadowed by pricier fare like “John Carter,” “The Lorax” and, starting this Friday, “The Hunger Games.”

So, why is Sarandon insulting Republicans and Rush Limbaugh’s massive radio audience with comments made to The Daily Beast?

I’m finding them incredibly amusing,” the actress said. “They’re so ridiculous that it’s entertainment. I can’t imagine that America would be that insane to put any of these people in [the White House]. I just have to believe that the GOP just wrote off this time and said, ‘We don’t care. Anybody can run!’ ‘Cause this can’t be the best they can do.”

Sarandon put radio host Rush Limbaugh in the same category, calling him “a Barnum & Bailey showman.”

“He’s just somebody who’s trying to get ratings by saying the most outrageous things possible, and unfortunately, there are a lot of nonthinking people who are affected by his theatrical carrying on, and he incites them to very dangerous positions,” she said.

I spoke with “Jeff” co-writer/co-director Mark Duplass a few months back, and he had nothing but glowing things to say about Sarandon’s work on the film. But I wonder how he feels about one of his movie’s stars blasting conservatives in such shrill fashion.

So far, “Jeff, Who Lives at Home” has earned $855,709 since its March 16 release in 254 theaters.