O'Reilly More Forgiving of Tom Hanks Than I Am

O'Reilly More Forgiving of Tom Hanks Than I Am

Bill O’Reilly is much more forgiving than I am.

Daily Caller:

“I used Bill O’Reilly as the punch line of an uncomfortable joke that was hardly funny and [was] unfair,” Hanks emailed The Daily Caller.

“I have no reason to think Mr. O’Reilly would have found both the reason for the joke nor my use of it funny in any way,” said Hanks, whose blackface skit surfaced in a video posted by TheDC on Monday. …

“I accept his apology — everybody makes mistakes,” O’Reilly told TheDC. “I don’t think that Hanks had anything [in mind] other than trying to get a wise-guy line off. … I don’t hold it against him.”

That’s all well and good. However…

Never forget that from his “blackface” glass-mansion, Hanks accused today’s troops and, most unforgivably, our WWII troops, of engaging in wars of “terror and racism.” And we all know just how much bigger this “blackface” video would be in the media right now were it a Jon Voight, Robert Davi, or another openly conservative actor caught clowning around for five minutes with a jerk in blackface and an afro wig at some elite Pacific Palisades school — especially, if that actor had close ties to a Republican.

And do you think Tom Hanks would run out and defend this person? No, he would be too busy telling lies about Sarah Palin and lecturing the rest of us about racism.

Which brings me to an even more important point. If you’ve seen “Game Change,” which Hanks produced, you’ve seen how run-of-the-mill Republicans are portrayed as a hateful, racially-driven mob towards President Obama. This isn’t Hanks attacking a public figure like Palin, this is an attack on everyday Americans from a guy who we now know palled around Mr. Blackface.

Moreover, Hanks’ attack on us was based on lies.

I am a 46 year-old Caucasian conservative Republican. I am a proud card carrying member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. I have lived in the American South for over ten years. And yet, behind closed doors or otherwise, I have never seen anyone parade around in blackface. I have never seen anyone parade around in an afro wig while carrying a stuffed gorilla. I have never seen anything close to what I saw on that video

Just the thought of this occurring in any circle I’ve ever been a part of wouldn’t be tolerated. But at some elite Pacific Palisades school this nauseating display was tolerated in front of a crowd of laughing people with two celebrities taking part — one of them making a “basketball” joke.

Watch the video again. You can see Mr. Blackface standing in the back of the room waiting to come on. So I’m not buying Hanks’ “blindside” argument, and I’m certainly not buying the argument coming from others that Hanks was in a tough spot and only played along so he wouldn’t make things awkward and ruin the evening.

You want to know why I’m not buying that? Because what should’ve ruined the evening and made things awkward was THE GUY PARADING AROUND IN BLACKFACE.

Watch the video again, no one in the crowd even groans when the spotlight hits Mr. Blackface.

The same corrupt media that declares the use of the term “food stamps” as racist, wants so desperately to buy the notion that this was nothing more than an awkward, regrettable moment. But what it really is is a bunch of rich, white elites — behind closed doors — yukking it up as one of their own parades around in one the cruelest stereotypes imaginable.

Check out this school’s Website. Pay close attention to the photo array. And they dare call Tea Parties “predominantly white.”

There’s something terribly wrong at this school and had Tom Hanks produced “The Passion of the Christ” instead of “Game Change,” the corrupt media would be digging instead of hoping it all just goes away. 

Memo to the Left and the MSM: You have just lost your right to lecture anyone about race ever again.