Mitt Romney Picks Up $1.5 Million From Hollywood

Mitt Romney Picks Up $1.5 Million From Hollywood

Supposedly non-existent conservative Hollywood is uniting behind Mitt Romney. Tuesday night, at a fundraiser in Los Angeles at the Century Plaza Hotel, roughly 600 donors came to push Romney’s campaign to the conclusion. There were some major players in Hollywood there: Terry Semel, the former chairman of Warner Brothers; major record producer David Foster, who helped Romney when Romney ran the 2002 Winter Olympics; and Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of the Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure movies.

This is no small thing; Romney picked up a cool $1.5 million.

“We’re starting to pick up a lot more Hollywood support, and we will continue to pick up more too,” said [Harry Sloan, chairman and CEO of Golden Eagle Acquisition Corp] Sloan, who also said that a showbiz-centric event is in the works for after Romney secures the nomination.

The $2,500-per-person event was dominated by donors from finance, legal and other professions, as well as political figures from the state. Former California governor Pete Wilson introduced Romney …

The general feeling, said Sloan, was “let’s wrap this up” and get on to Obama. The Republicans should tap Hollywood for more than money in order to beat the Tinseltown-savvy Obama campaign.