'Hazzard' Alum John Schneider Recalls Being Fired for Questioning Evolution

'Hazzard' Alum John Schneider Recalls Being Fired for Questioning Evolution

Actor John Schneider is a survivor, no doubt.

Many actors who land a gig in a popular series end up scrambling for follow-up projects.

Schneider, who hit broadcast TV pay dirt with “The Dukes of Hazzard,” still keeps busy these days. He’ll appear in two new films this year alone, both of which carry a strong pro-life message. That became the focus of a new interview published at The Hollywood Reporter.

The actor comes off as a gentleman, first and foremost. But between politely dodging difficult questions and refusing to name names, Schneider shared this anecdote about the darker side of show business.

THR: Give me an anecdote of bigotry you’ve experienced.

Schneider: I was in a makeup trailer talking to the executive producer — the boss of the show – and I said that one of the reasons I moved to the Agoura area was to find a Christian school, because I didn’t want my kids to be taught that evolution is the only possible answer to how we got here. And I lost my directing job because of that statement. That person said, “that’s terrible, we can’t have your perspective…” All’s I said was I wanted both perspectives. It’s all I said.

And if you weren’t a fan of Schneider’s before, you might change your mind after this exchange:

THR: You ready to endorse someone for president?

Schneider: No. People have come to me for my opinion since “October Baby”. But, hey, look, I’m an actor who is very fortunate to be in a movie that’s making wonderful noise, and hopefully helping parents and children to be a little closer. Leave me alone. I’m not talking about politics. I’m just trying to have a conversation with my own kids.