AP: Baldwin's Use of 'Bitch,' a 'Minor Curse Word'

AP: Baldwin's Use of 'Bitch,' a 'Minor Curse Word'

I guess the war against the war on women doesn’t include calling a female reporter a “bitch,” even if you’re in the reporting business like the Associated Press.

But as we saw with Spike Lee’s tweeting of what he thought was George Zimmerman’s home address, the MSM doesn’t just ignore stories that might not reflect well on left-wing celebrities, they cover those stories up by not reporting them.

As you can see by the story below, the AP actually frames Baldwin’s tantrum as something akin to chivalry, which is only possible if, instead of informing your readers Baldwin used the word “bitch,” you declare it a “minor curse word.”

(AP) Alec Baldwin goes Twitter-ballistic for fiancee
When it comes to his 28-year-old fiancee, Alec Baldwin is very protective.

He used Twitter to blast a New York newspaper for “crashing” yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas’ class (http://nydn.us/Ha3QwB).

He tweeted Monday: “Shame on the no-talent trash from the Daily News for invading the privacy of 75 people in a yoga class to take a picture of someone.”

Baldwin also posted the names of reporters at the class. He included a picture of one, and called her “nutty,” followed by a mild curse word.

The actor celebrated his 54th birthday Tuesday. He popped the question last weekend.

The Daily News had no immediate response to comment requests Tuesday.

Left-wing Mediaite pretty much did the same thing, only they buried the “bitch” tweet in the middle of a bunch of tweets and never highlighted the use of the slur.

Considering Mediaite’s history when it comes to women, anything else would’ve been news.