'Titanic' Sets Sail Again Towards Huge Opening Weekend

'Titanic' Sets Sail Again Towards Huge Opening Weekend


My sources tell me that Titanic 3D opened to around $4.5M for today. That won’t be good enough to beat the #1 movie at the North American box office, Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games. But James Cameron’s epic has a longer running time (194 minutes vs 142 minutes) so that means less showings. …

[T]he film [was released yesterday] into 2,674 dates, including 79 IMAX theaters, and Paramount is “still feeling good” about its projection of $20M-$22M for the first five days of release. Rival studios are expecting $25M-$30M. That more than covers the cost of the 3D conversion, which was overseen by James Cameron and his producing partner Jon Landau, and completed by Stereo D, at a cost of approximately $18M.

These are better than expected numbers. The $18 million 3D conversion investment will likely be recouped by Monday. From there the grosses will be all gravy and then you can expect Paramount to use the publicity for another home video release.