New York Times Forced to Admit 'October Baby' a Hit

New York Times Forced to Admit 'October Baby' a Hit

The Old Gray Lady must be grinding her teeth today.

The New York Times ran a scathing review of the anti-abortion film “October Baby” a few weeks back, clearly hoping the film would suffer a quick box office death en route to DVD and other home video options.

Instead, the film is a hit, and the newspaper was forced to admit as much today.

The movie, the first feature by a pair of film making brothers from Birmingham, Ala., opened the same weekend as the chart-topping “Hunger Games,” but with the backing of evangelical groups and churches, “October Baby,” managed to open at No. 8 and, through Sunday, had made $2.8 million, more than three times its production budget. It is expected to move to more than 500 screens on April 13.