Oprah Should Listen To Palin

Oprah Should Listen To Palin

The reason why Oprah’s network, OWN, is in such serious trouble is because Oprah lost touch with her audience and the world outside of the left-wing showbiz/news media bubble. For years, Oprah has inhabited this bubble, and now she no longer has any idea what appeals to the everyday American.

Winfrey’s problems began when she got partisan and jumped into the 2008 presidential race to endorse Barack Obama (she also refused to have Palin on as a guest during the campaign). But nothing proves just how out of touch Oprah is than her disastrous decision to hire Rosie O’Donnell.

Remember, O’Donnell wasn’t hired merely to fill an hour of programming. The idea was to have her anchor the network and build new shows around her.

Yes, that’s right, Oprah’s so out of touch now that she actually thought that investing millions in one of the most unlikable, divisive, and nasty personalities in celebrity-ville — someone so awful she was booted from “The View” — was a good idea.

Right now Oprah’s problem is, simply, Oprah, and lost in all the hullabaloo over Sarah Palin’s successful guest stint on “The Today Show” is the advice the former Governor threw her way:

“I think [OWN] will be around if she gets some conservatives on the show, some patriots…”

The key word there is “some.” Palin’s not suggesting Oprah go all in. The Governor is suggesting that a little diversity in the department of ideas and worldview might draw those of us who are starving to see that kind of television programming.

But diversity of thought is, of course, the only kind of diversity the left opposes.

Obviously, it’s all up to Oprah. She can continue to be bubbled and bigoted towards those who don’t share her politics, or she can show some real leadership and tolerance and maybe save her network in the process.

There are a number of talented, intelligent, charismatic, and attractive right-leaning women out there who would definitely draw the kinds of viewers (male and female) who wouldn’t think of watching OWN otherwise.

As we’ve seen by the Left’s refusal to attempt to reproduce the phenomenal success of Fox News, though, the left would rather implode than attempt to recreate anything conservative, including a no-brainer hit. They’re too intolerant of opposing viewpoints and too insecure about their own ideas to even consider allowing conservative ideas to be heard.

Because of this, the mainstream media teeters on bankruptcy and Oprah on the edge of a humiliating failure — when all she has to do is open her mind … just this much.