Box Office Predictions: 'American Reunion' Hopes For Last Laugh On 'Hunger Games,' Cameron

Box Office Predictions: 'American Reunion' Hopes For Last Laugh On 'Hunger Games,' Cameron

Last week Sensei increased his call streak to five straight weeks. For those playing along at home, you’ll find a tough weekend here to increase your own call streak. Will “Hunger Games” three-peat or will another take its place at the top?

This weekend’s predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. American Reunion ($38 Million) – Factors are all in place for an opening matching March’s “21 Jump Street” and could even approach the “Grown Ups” demographic (considering how “Pie’s” cast is all much older now) and that film’s $40 million opening back in 2010.

2. The Hunger Games ($29 Million) – Film may be losing the top spot, but will put itself within striking distance of the $300 million domestic mark. So no worries here.

3. Titanic 3D ($19 Million) – James Cameron’s presumed authority on 3D does provide a boost to the film’s 3D conversion. Wednesday’s $4.5 million opening, though, told us it will gross more in line with previous 3D conversions. Still, for a film more than 14 years old, numbers like this aren’t too shabby.

4. Wrath Of The Titans ($14 Million) – Film will come nowhere close to the domestic haul of the original “Clash Of The Titans,” but it did have a healthy start overseas. Don’t write this one off yet.

5. Mirror Mirror (9.5 Million) – Film will have to compete with “Hunger Games” and “Titanic” now for those female moviegoers, so look for a sizable drop from last week’s opening. If not careful, film could also easily lose this spot to “21 Jump Street.”

As always, we welcome any and all to defy the Sensei. Have a great weekend.