Belafonte Slams Obama: 'Failed' To Focus On Poor

Belafonte Slams Obama: 'Failed' To Focus On Poor

Via Roland Martin Reports:

And it is on this point that Belafonte, who was a close adviser to President John F. Kennedy and has worked with and fought against other presidents, says Obama, a former community organizer, needs to be a stronger advocate for the nation’s poor.

“There is a moral consequence to what you do politically; there’s a moral implication. And if you do not make your decision on what to do politically based upon some moral measure, you’re more often than not prone (to) perpetuate the evil or perpetuate the pain,” Belafonte told me.

“I think what … Barack Obama has failed to evoke is a strong, moral point of view on the plight of the poor. He hardly ever mentions them at all. He mentions (the) middle class. He mentions losing the middle class to the poor. He mentions everything but the poor.

“What is your difficulty here? Why can’t you talk about the plight of the poor and let the rest of the world see that, perhaps, there’s a moral undergirding to your view of how to fix what’s wrong politically? If you fix what’s wrong for the middle class, that means you’ve still got a whole class of people that are to be exploited at the bottom rung of the ladder, because you have to have a cheap market.”

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