'Criminal Minds' Stars Offer Vets a Hand

'Criminal Minds' Stars Offer Vets a Hand

Count Joe Mantegna and Thomas Gibson among those actors eager to praise members of the U.S. military.

The stars of the CBS drama “Criminal Minds” have teamed up for a private sector initiative meant to inspire corporations to hire military veterans during these arduous economic times.

The two are starring in ads for American Wants You, a group teaming up with corporate American to find new job opportunities for veterans.

“Our military represents America’s finest.  Always has, always will.  We in corporate America owe them something in return, and helping vets return to the workplace after their service to our country is one of the best ways to repay that debt,” Mantegna says in a statement.

CareerBuilder has a dedicated job site on AmericaWantsYou.net, and more than 200 corporations including Southwestern Energy, Walgreens and Lands’ End have pledged their support with more than 46,000 jobs. The effort also has the backing of the Vet Voice Foundation, Vets Rock, The Mission Continues and Hire Heroes USA.