Watch Jennifer Lopez Debase Herself for Relevancy

Watch Jennifer Lopez Debase Herself for Relevancy


One of the greatest tricks the Left ever pulled off was in convincing women that “liberation” means behaving in the exact way men who hate and have no respect for them want them to behave.

Jennifer Lopez is a gorgeous, talented, wealthy and famous woman, and yet here she is throwing herself into an orgy, crawling around on all fours, engaging in S & M, and getting on her knees in front of strange men.

The video doesn’t offend me and the song is kind of catchy. It’s just kind of sad that the Left has so rigged the game that Lopez thinks this is her only path to relevancy, or that this kind of behavior represents “empowerment.”

There’s nothing sexy or erotic about J-Lo in this video; it’s clothed porn — a woman debasing herself for fame. 

Heartbreaking, really.